South Portland’s 39th annual Art in the Park Show

Laurie will be presenting some of her latest work at Site #59. The show will be held in Mill Creek Park in South Portland on Saturday, August 11, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Up to 170 artists will be displaying a wide variety of style and sizes to suit all tastes.  For more information see South Portland Art In the Park

This is an event for the whole family.  Come enjoy the  beautiful park atmosphere and the quality of the artwork.  There will food, music and fun for the kids.

Dancing Waves  watercolor, ink, fabric dye, acrylic collage on unprimed canvas Size: 36" x 20"

Dancing Waves

watercolor, ink, fabric dye, acrylic collage on unprimed canvas Size: 36" x 20"

Rumpus 2018 - Engine's Egalitarian Art Show

Laurie Russo-Smith Exhibition

OPENING: Friday, February 23rd
SHOWING THROUGH: Thursday, April 5th, 6pm

Engine's Location:
128 Main Street
Biddeford ME 04005
Tel 207.370.9130

‘Rumpus Revival’ at Engine in Biddeford, Me

Daniel Kaney of the Portland Press Herald spoke of Laurie’s work during the Rumpus revival held back in April 2015.  He said that Laurie Smith’s ink and dye on unprimed, collaged canvas scenes are some of the most stylistically original landscapes he had seen in a while.

Her work has been displayed locally.  Currently Laurie Smith art is available for purchase.

Translucent colors dance across the canvas at 267

Greg Morell of the Geenfield MA, Recorder, 03.17.2005, wrote: Laurie Smith unveils a collection of 45 new paintings at Gallery 267. "Smith has a refined touch and signature style that gently abstracts the natural world. Through the use of richly saturated watercolor paint, flowing dyes, and agile brush work, Smith works her canvas in layers of translucent color. Each piece is a geometry of gentle contoured easeful shapes that quietly charm."

"A Laurie Smith composition is rooted in the natural world where sky and landscape are apparent, yet dreamy, as if Smith were viewing the world through a colorful, misty fog or a stained glass window. Delicate harmonies of color and form are intoned. In each, the repeated motif of a central ever-present orb of light, which could be either the setting sun or the twilight moon, is central to the design....the work, as a whole, evokes a comfortable passing of colorful clouds of imaginative fancy. This is quiet work, where light and color engage and cavort in layers and texture. A pleasant tranquility of a colorful world in comfortable transition is achieved. Even the smallest of her works, simple decorative designs having the dimensions of a postal card are tiny visual gems."